For children

For kids

OLYMP SPA is a great place for a family holiday. Our spacious apartments can accommodate even large families of grandparents, parents and children without sacrificing comfort.

For young mothers, a kitchenette may be of particular importance, where you can prepare a meal for a baby quickly and comfortably, and store food safely in the fridge.

The location of the resort is also important - to be on the beach you just need to walk 200 m through the seaside park. It is quiet and safe and at the same time close to all children's attractions. In the season in the nearby area there is a rental of equipment for children (go-karts, horses, bicycles) and throughout the year operates Maszoperia, that is the 6D Museum.

What amenities does the Olymp SPA offer for families with children?

  • First of all, large spacious rooms with plenty of room for toys.
  • Possibility of using meals in the form of buffets - a wide selection of hot and cold dishes
  • In our other facilities, Olymp 2 and Olymp 3, you can use the free play area with colourful balls.
  • Swimming pool